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We tell stories. Guerrilla filmmaking takes us to the most remote areas of the world. We look for untold stories and unsung heroes. Care to join?

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  • A New Somalia

    A New Somalia

    Talk, Video

    Because we love Somalis and we’ve been witness to the change that is taking place in the country. We created a piece detailing the political transition, the reconstruction efforts and the enthusiasm displayed by Somalis, from the people on the street to the newly elected government.

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  • Driving with Pepe, Jaleo and Barmini

    Driving with Pepe, Jaleo and Barmini

    Food, Video

    Part of our ongoing collaboration with Chef José Andrés, we recently did a 60 second spot on José’s famous DC food truck, Pepe. We also celebrated Jaleo’s 20th anniversary and did an experimental spot for Barmini. We also continue traveling to Haiti with José and friends to cook some amazing stuff…

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  • Global Giving How to

    Global Giving How to


    Created for Global Giving, this video offers 34 tips and examples for creating short films about non-profit organizations and international projects. We focused on 3 primary areas: directing and producing, shooting in the field, and editing.

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  • Dorman’s Coffee

    Dorman’s Coffee

    Food, Photo, Video

    Last harvest season we teamed up with Dormans Coffee in Kenya to create a video series and a stills portfolio on coffee production, from crop to cup.

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  • Sandbox Summit

    Sandbox Summit


    What would have happened if today’s global leaders met not only when they were in their 50s, but already when they were in their 20s? On January 20-22, 2012, Sandbox gathered 200 of its members in Lisbon, Portugal, for the first ever Sandbox Global Summit.

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  • TEDxTalks


    Talk, Video

    We are big on TED and sister X. We’ve given talks on guerrilla filmmaking, education and camel milk. Recently we traveled to Baghdad to film TEDxBaghdad, and we helped organize TEDxMogadishu.

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  • The Happy Post Project

    The Happy Post Project

    Photo, Video

    The WTYSL went to Colombia with our friend Mario Chamorro of the Happy Post Project to ask colombians, “What makes you happy?”

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  • Respect the Camel

    Respect the Camel

    Camel Milk

    Camel milk is something we love and are very passionate about. We have documented camels and camel milk in over 20 countries. We’ve done several TEDxtalks, besides many videos including a full feature documentary. Somebody even did a camel milk detox.

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  • Jose Andres cooks in Haiti

    Jose Andres cooks in Haiti


    The WTYSL teamed up with chef extraordinaire Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen to tell about their effort towards food security through innovation in Haiti.

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  • One Stop Shop

    One Stop Shop


    We headed to the fishing communities in Kisumu, Kenya and filmed a piece about the integration of family planning and HIV services.

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  • The color of X

    The color of X


    Photos we did for the TEDxSummit in Doha.

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  • TEDxSummit



    We were invited to Doha to shoot for the TEDxSummit. While there, we got to share with Chris Anderson, Hans Rosling and more than 700 incredible people with a strong passion for TEDx.

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Kiziba Refugee Camp shoot is a wrap! The project was implemented by the solar gurus at Energy for Africa. Firstly, 3 months ago, we sent Sebastian (trusted team leader) to Rwanda. He gained our necessary access to film (through UNHCR). Next- we got intern Johan to be based in Rwanda for 3 months! We filmed […]

Pedro has been with us for 2 years and has decided it is time for him to break off from our tree, so to speak! We are saddened to lose a gifted member of our team, but we are excited for him in his new endeavor called Anthropoid Mardi Gras. In the time he has […]

Liberia has a special place in our collective heart. It was here, back in 2011, that we worked on our first ‘real’ jobs after The-Epic-One-Year-Camel-Milk-Quest. We stayed in Monrovia for 6 weeks, produced 7 videos and made amazing friendships that have stayed strong enough for us to dive straight back into life there this time […]


Scouring Africa For Impactful Projects To Turn Into Beautiful Movies. What Took You So Long is a guerrilla video studio that travels around Africa,
making beautiful movies about people driving change on the continent. Oh, and camels. Lots of camels.” Fast Company’s Co.Exist on the work WTYSL is doing in Africa.

Their camel milk quest took the grassroots production crew on an expedition to find local camel farmers and milk producers who are actively selling, distributing and championing this superfood, while running into camel activists, renowned doctors from international universities, and a local camel milk bar owner, who all profess its great health aspects as well as its growing economic worth.”

Afrinator’s Neva Mwiti reviewing Hot Chocolate For Bedouins, “Filming in Africa was done in Northern Kenya, and while the camel cheese (and milk) project started there, it took the team to 18 countries in Asia and the Middle East, where camels are the mainstay of local Bedouin and nomad tribes.

Many small grants to fund great culture. Crowdfunding is a growing alternative to the traditional cultural support.”

Nanushka Yeaman for Sweden’s Fokus Magazine on the WTYSL’s crowdfunding efforts.

Is camel milk the future for drought-stricken Kenya?… as drought ravages northern Kenya, some development workers are arguing that camels could provide a more drought-resistant alternative to cows and other livestock.”

CNN’s Inside Africa writer Emily Wither, on the challenges pastoralists in Kenya and elsewhere face and how some are turning things around.

What does the film crew of the 21st century look like? It’s rogue, under the radar and it’s asking: “What took you so long to join them?” Supported by a global network of passion-driven individuals who become part of their “skeleton crew”, the What Took You So Long Foundation is blazing entirely new trails.”

Friend of the WTYSL and Sandbox Network’s Brock LeMieux on the search for unsung cheese.

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